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Current members

Zahra Davoodi.jpg

Graduate student

Zahra Davoodi, BSc

Zahra (she/her) is a first-year MSc student in Epidemiology at the University of Ottawa, supervised by Dr. Melissa Brouwers and Dr. Giorgia Sulis. Passionate about advancing vaccine research, her thesis focuses on creating a comprehensive risk-of-bias assessment tool for vaccine effectiveness studies. Currently, she contributes to a scoping review addressing specific concerns about risk-of-bias concepts or sources in these studies. With a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University, Zahra engaged in diverse projects. These experiences provided insights into holistic healthcare and underscored the importance of public health initiatives, including immunization programs. She aims to play a role in developing guidelines that assist researchers in publishing evidence-based studies, ultimately promoting improved decision-making for enhanced healthcare outcomes. Zahra enjoys spending her free time hiking and cooking for her loved ones.

Angela Li Headshot.jpg

Research Assistant

Angela Li, BSc

Angela (she/her) is a first-year medical student at the University of Ottawa. She completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences with a specialization in Global and Population Health at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. During her undergraduate degree, she was involved in public health research involving disability, mental health, and bullying, specifically in the adolescent population. Her current research interests focus on communicable diseases including population-based preventive medicine and outbreak management. She hopes to integrate research and clinical medicine in a public health setting to contribute to the health of Canadians at a population level. At the Sulis Lab, Angela is assisting with a scoping review addressing risk-of-bias concepts in vaccine effectiveness studies. In her free time, Angela enjoys travelling, playing badminton, and spending time outdoors.

Nawal Maredia.jpeg

Research Coordinator

Nawal Maredia, MSc

Nawal Maredia (she/her) is a healthcare professional and clinical researcher, holding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Health Policy and Management. With over two years of experience in clinical research, Nawal has expertise in coordinating studies on diseases like COVID-19, malaria, and rotavirus vaccine impact assessment. She has contributed to an adaptive platform trial focused on finding treatments for COVID-19. Nawal's primary interest lies in infectious diseases, where she aims to make significant contributions through research. In her free time, she finds joy in cooking and practicing yoga, balancing her passion for healthcare with personal wellness pursuits.

Cassandra Laurie

Research Coordinator

Cassandra Laurie, MSc

Before joining the team as a research coordinator, Cassandra received a BSc Microbiology (Honours) from the University of Victoria and an MSc Epidemiology from McGill University. Her MSc work focused on analyzing data from a randomized controlled trial assessing the efficacy of a carrageenan-based gel against human papillomavirus (HPV). Other projects following graduation involved several knowledge syntheses, including reviews on the association between carrageenan and HPV, male circumcision and HPV, HPV detectability and cervical cancer prognosis, and HPV and prostate cancer, as well as the ethical and legal implications of gender-neutral HPV vaccination. Cassandra is mostly interested in infectious and vaccine-preventable diseases. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, painting with watercolor, and walking her dog, Selva.

Aaya Adnan Mahdi.jpeg

Undergraduate student

Aaya Adnan Mahdi

Aaya is an aspiring student at the University of Ottawa, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Translational and Molecular Medicine. She has made significant contributions as a Research Assistant, working on the PainCaRe-F Project to help parents and children manage pediatric cancer pain.  With prior lab experience in antimicrobial resistance (AMR), Aaya is looking to broaden her expertise into epidemiology, public health, and applied health research domains. Currently, she is collaborating on projects related to AMR and antibiotic prescribing practices and will complete her Honours project on this topic. Beyond research, Aaya has a passion for education, serving as an Instructor at Little Medical School, a uOttawa Student Ambassador and a VP at Women in Science uOttawa. 

Sumali Mehta_edited.jpg

Research Assistant

Sumali Mehta, BSc

Sumali is a second-year MSc in Epidemiology student at the University of Ottawa, pursuing a Concentration in Global Health and Social Accountability.  She grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where she completed her BSc in Biohemistry from McGill University. Previously, she has worked as a Policy Intern at Global Strategy Lab, based at York University, where she helped cultivate a research strategy to develop case studies analyzing AMR-related domestic policies in numerous LMICs and how these affect their positions and priorities in international negotiations. At the Sulis Lab, Sumali is  assisting with ongoing scoping reviews assessing different dimensions of AMR. In her free time, Sumali enjoys reading and painting. 

Past members


Amos Wung Buh - Research Coordinator (2024)

Joyeuse Senga - Research Assistant (2023)

Prospective students

Prospective MSc and PhD epidemiology students as well as postdoctoral fellows who are interested in undertaking research on a topic related to my research program are encouraged to contact me to discuss opportunities. 


Please note that I will not respond to generic requests. In your email, please make sure to provide ALL the relevant information. In particular:

  1. If applicable, specify whether you have already applied or have been accepted in the MSc or PhD Epi program at the University of Ottawa;

  2. Briefly describe your experience and interests;

  3. Indicate why you would like to work with me;

  4. Provide your CV and any other relevant information. 



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